Winston Churchill Memorial Trust - Churchill Fellowship Travel Grants

Are you passionate about making a difference in your community or profession?  Are you inspired by new ideas and projects from overseas?  If so, you can now apply for a Churchill Fellowship from the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust.  

Founded in 1965 as a national memorial to Sir Winston Churchill, the Fellowships support UK citizens from all backgrounds to travel the world in search of solutions for today's most pressing problems.  Churchill Fellows visit the world's leading experts and projects in a range of practical fields and bring back innovative ideas for their professions and communities in the UK.  Since its inception, there have been 5,700 Churchill Fellows and there will be another 150 in 2020.  

This year the Fellowships offer travel grants in: arts in the built environment, education, emergency response, social enterprise, environment and sustainability, healthcare, palliative and end of life care, physical activity, rural living, science and technology, and suicide prevention.  The Fellowships also have an open category for projects beyond these categories.  

A Churchill Fellowship is a unique, life-changing opportunity to expand your professional and personal horizons.  The Fellowship will fund you to spend 4 - 8 weeks anywhere in the world, exploring a practical topic that you care about.  Then they will help you to make change happen in your community or profession when you come home.  

The Churchill Fellowship is open to all UK citizens aged 18 or over, regardless of qualifications, age or background.  For more information and to make an application, please visit  The closing date is 17 September 2019 for travels in 2020.