Tarporley Shuttle bus update

Many of my constituents in and around Tarporley will know that the Shuttle service was replaced at the beginning of April and I would like to let you know what has been happening since then.

The previous door to door service was replaced at the start of April with a three day service which now charges £5 and a two day service which goes to the Countess of Chester. The response from many residents has forced Cheshire West and Chester Council to the table in order to discuss their unilateral action.

I recently came together with several Parish Councils, Cllr Moore Dutton, and representatives from CWaC to discuss the transport situation in and around Tarporley. Some of the users of the shuttle lived across the 'border' in Cheshire East and Antoinette asked if the cost could be shared between the two Councils, could the service be reinstated. The CWaC representative said it was something they would consider and I have writen to Cheshire East to ask for them to work alongside CwaC.

The Council advised they had surveyed users of the shuttle to find out if the bus was being used for essential or non-essential journeys but this did not ask the users opinions. As a result Tarporley Parish will be issuing a consultation survey to residents in the Parish which will ask people many things, including if they struggle to access transport.

The meeting was a good first step towards finding a solution that works for both the Council and for residents. I will of course continue to push for a solution that doesn't leave my constituents isolated and will keep you updated on any further progress.