Brexit - British Entrepreneurs

I have this afternoon received the following e-mail from British entrepreneurs setting out their view that a confirmatory referendum, with voters being asked to choose between whatever Brexit is available and a Remain option, is the only path now available to the Government:


Dear Conservative Member of Parliament,

The Conservative Party has frequently asked entrepreneurs and business people to publicly support it, particularly during General Elections.

Business has generally been very happy to do so, primarily because the Conservative Party has been a positive political force for business, and one that has consistently nurtured and encouraged entrepreneurial start-ups. How times change.

Today's Conservative Party is no longer a friend of business.  It has morphed into a party of economic destruction, corporate uncertainty and poor leadership.  No entrepreneur would run their business the way this country is being governed, or at least do so and expect to run it for very long on that basis.

This Government's desire to deliver Brexit at any cost is destroying faith in the Conservative Party.  Such obsessive behaviour might be understandable if the Brexit proposed had been well defined at the outset, if the original referendum had been won honestly, or if the majority had been overwhelming.

But the Brexit advertised in the referendum campaign was never really on offer, with the British electorate grossly misled by illegal advertising campaigns.  Any suggestion that the will of the people was well defined is utterly deceitful.

In the absence of an effective government, there is now only one legitimate path still available to the Government, and that is to request updated electoral guidance, by way of a Confirmatory Referendum.

Voters should be asked to choose between whatever Brexit is available, and a Remain option, which should ideally also recognise the need for EU reform.

Any such Remain campaign would be wise to recognise the need for democratic change in the EU from within, even if this means a persistent use of this country's EU veto, in order to achieve the changes tax-payers do deserve.

For the sake of this country, for the sake of British business, for the sake of the economy and for the sake of the Conservative Party, we ask this government to modify its course. 

With the Conservative Government losing its ability to govern Brexit, it's only right that the electorate now take back control.

Best wishes,

Rob Lewis
Founder CEO of ROXI, founder of Europe's first mobile music streaming service, an Ernst & Young and a Library House of Entrepreneur of The Year, and an investor in British business

Sir John Hegarty
Founder CEO of BBH, one of the world's top advertising agencies, and an investor in British business

Martha Lane Fox CBE
Founder, House of Lords Crossbench Peer

Charlie Mullins
Founder of Pimlico Plumbers, one of the London's largest plumbing businesses

Sir Michael Rake
Former president of the CBI, former Chairman BT Group, Chairman of Worldpay

Henrik Holmark
Founder Director of Pandora, one of the world's largest jewellery businesses, and an investor in British business

Tim Clark
Founder CEO of world leading UK music management company, ie:music, Robbie Williams' manager, and an investor in British business

Dr Nick Dhandsa
Founder CEO of BUPA Care Homes ANS, and an investor in British business

Craig Goodfellow
Founder CEO of the world leading chemicals company, Coryton Advanced Fuels, and an investor in British business

Pierre Condou
Serial London restaurant entrepreneur, founder of The Paramount Club and The Century Club, and is an investor in British business

Staffan Tollgard
Award-winning interior designer, entrepreneur, CEO of Staffan Tollgard Design Group and an investor in British business

Tim Woodcock
Serial entrepreneur in the restaurant and pub sector and Founder CEO of Jolly Fine Pub Group, and an investor in British business

Diane Lance
Leading investor and entrepreneur in British entrepreneurial businesses

Charles Symons
Serial entrepreneur in TV and film and investor, Founder CEO of AMP Media and ad investor in British businesses

Hedley Dindoyal
Serial entrepreneur in TV and film and Director of Parlourwood

Ellie Cotton
Entrepreneur in media, photography and stock images and Founder CEO of Dandelion

PJ Dulay
Serial entrepreneur in the technology and music sectors and Founder CEO, WOTB and an investor in British businesses

Alison Moran
Entrepreneur in the internet consumer business and Founder CEO of

John Kampfner
Founder of the Creative Industries Federation

Geeta Sidhu-Robb
Founder of Nosh Detox