Beware of TV Licensing e-mail scams

I recently received an e-mail which claimed to be from TV Licensing, outlining how my payment had failed and how I needed to provide my bank details in order to resolve the issue.  This transpired to be a scam; a fake email designed to con people out of their money.

If you have received an e-mail like this, there are number of signs to look out for, indicating that the e-mail is fake. The TV Licensing website have released their tips, including:

  • Making sure the e-mail address is exactly:
  • Making sure the e-mail addresses you by name
  • Double checking the website any links within the e-mail are taking you to, before clicking them
  • Making sure the website address you are taken to does not contain spelling mistakes or any variations of

The full list, in all its detail, can be found at

Of late, more and more people have been caught out by such e-mails due to how convincing they can be.  I do not wish for any of my constituents to fall into the same trap.