I am honoured to have been elected as the Member of Parliament for Eddisbury.

Eddisbury is a wonderful place to live, work and visit.

As your MP I will work tirelessly to grow the local economy whilst working to preserve the character of our incredible area.

Some of my Priorities-

Banging the drum for businesses to invest in Eddisbury and bring more good jobs to the area

Eddisbury is an attractive place that offers a superb quality of life, but if we don’t address our infrastructure and communications issues it will get harder to attract and retain successful businesses that provide the jobs we need.

Ensuring we have the road, rail and broadband infrastructure our communities need.

Our broadband, mobile phone signal and data reception is simply not good enough. These services are not luxuries anymore, they are a vital function of our everyday lives, from booking an appointment to running a successful home business.

We don’t always get what we pay for with these services and my constituents deserve better. I am working hard on solutions, whilst it will take time it must be done.

The regeneration of Winsford Town Centre.

Winsford town centre like most town centres these days needs some help to put the heart back into the shopping experience. I’m really looking forward to working with traders, Councillors and community volunteers to make our town thrive.

Protecting the vital health and public services we all rely on.

I will champion more investment in our NHS in this Parliament and work with all the relevant local bodies to improve service at our hospitals and GP’s surgeries.

I will champion improvements to our local schools so our children get the best possible start in life.

Fighting for the best deal for local farmers to ensure a thriving agricultural economy

Protecting the Eddisbury countryside from unwanted development. Like most areas, Eddisbury needs new homes but we must put local residents at the heart of such decisions. Local community led plans need to be respected. The countryside is in my blood and coming from a strong farming background I know that Eddisbury thrives when the rural economy thrives.

Putting Eddisbury first

I want to represent Eddisbury in Westminster, not Westminster in Eddisbury; and I will do all that I can to serve my constituents well.

If you live in Eddisbury and need my assistance please do get in touch,