Better broadband and mobile coverage

Since being selected as a candidate back in 2015, I have made it a priority to make sure people across Eddisbury are better connected.

Over the past two years I have been inundated with correspondence from constituents which say they have poor mobile network coverage and slow internet speeds, rather than superfast connections.

These days broadband and mobile phones are an essential part of our lives with high-speed internet connections taken for granted. It is also a vital tool for local businesses and it is not right that people are not getting the services they are paying for.

Throughout my time in the House I spoke in several debates to highlight the issues across Eddisbury, met with Ministers responsible and regularly met with providers to lobby them to install the best possible systems to provide a better signal.

Figures suggest that there have been marked improvements with the number of properties with access to superfast broadband have jumped from 40% to 78% (based on Government figures), however I recognise that more can still be done and it is essential that rural communities are not left behind.

For any residents that who want to check what broadband speeds are available at your premises I would recommend downloading the Actual Home project, a software programme that is easily installed on a computer and provides continuous analysis of digital experience quality in your home. You can download the software at: (insert link). Data from this programme goes directly to Ofcom and will provide them with clear data about the reality of broadband experience in Eddisbury. Rest assured no personal data is collected.

Mobile network coverage continues to be a problem in certain secluded rural areas and needs to be addressed. I have been reassured that this has improved, however I will continue to work to ensure that those affected are provided with support and informed of alternative solutions which are available but not necessarily known about.

I have also raised the issue of the miss-selling of contracts to residents across Eddisbury and called on mobile phone networks to drastically improve the coverage available.

I am continuously asking for residents input so I can build up the bigger picture of the issues in Eddisbury and as a result if you could fill out my survey it would be much appreciated. The survey can be found at: