Better broadband and mobile coverage


I am calling on network providers to make sure that people in Eddisbury are better connected.

Antoinette Sandbach, MP for Eddisbury said that she was amazed at the number of people who complained about their network coverage while canvassing in the constituency.

These days broadband and mobile phones are really an essential part of our lives so I am really quite surprised to hear that some people in Eddisbury are not receiving a good signal and need better broadband links.

Having campaigned and had success for better broadband and mobile coverage in some rural areas in parts of North Wales already I am determined to do the same in Cheshire.

According to recent figures only 43% of properties in Eddisbury have available Superfast Broadband making it 591 in Parliamentary ranking out of 650 seats in the United Kingdom which is really not good enough.

The average download speed is also unacceptable at only 12.8 Mbps making it 602 in Parliamentary ranking and in Eddisbury only 10% of users receive less than 2mbps speed which makes it the 74th slowest constituency in the country. This definitely needs to improve.

People rely on mobile networks and broadband, it is also a vital tool for local businesses and it is not right that people do not get the service that they are paying for.

The Conservative led UK Government is continuing to provide funding to ensure that areas which do not have coverage can get coverage. Nowadays there should be no ‘not spots’, even in rural areas,

I have said many times before that ‘not spots’ are simply not acceptable. In some cases the networks are taking money from consumers for a service which they are not getting and that is wrong. 

In many rural and remote locations networks can struggle to deliver mobile access and broadband using traditional means so I will be lobbying to ensure that the providers install the best possible systems to provide a better signal.

As I have said before mobile connectivity plays a vital role in keeping rural areas in touch and there is a great need to make this a priority.

Rural Broadband ‘not-spots’ continue to blight rural areas and I welcome any innovation which will help to improve the situation for hundreds of people who live and work and run small businesses from villages.

I'd like it if you could fill my survey on broadband and mobile phone signal issues in the constituency, so I can build up a bigger picture of the issues in Eddisbury and actively work to get providers to act. You can fill in the survey here: