Action for pollinators

I have always campaigned for the protection of our countryside environment particularly when it comes to pollinators.

Last year I was successful in Wales in getting the Welsh Government to back my call for the protection of wildflowers in roadside verges.

I had been campaigning, on behalf of Plantlife, to encourage local councils not to cut their grass verges, and was delighted when that issue was taken on board.

Eddisbury also has lots of open countryside and I would like to think that the local authority here would be sympathetic and consider not trimming verges, where there are no safety issues. As apart from winning on the wildlife front by creating wildlife corridors it would also be a way of cost saving for the councils

Verges are home to a variety of small mammals, which birds feed on, as well as insects and I  would hate to see all this go, simply because somebody has ruled that verges should look tidy. Cutting also prevents the flowers from seeding and providing next year’s crop of wild flowers.

It is a subject I do feel very strongly about as providing wildlife corridors provides vital support to pollinators and other species.